Remote Monitoring System

RMS-300 The Super RMS; Is a unique remote voltage monitoring, data acquisition, and control device specifically designed for use with battery powered wireless internet repeater sites, or other AC & DC powered remote equipment RMS-300 Has ultra low power consumption and won't put a drain on your power source. Uses only 1.2 watts. RMS-300 Is powered by DC voltage from 10 to 60 volts. RMS-300 Uses embedded Ethernet technology for internet data acquisition and remote voltage monitoring. RMS-300 Allows you to monitor voltage at your home solar energy system or remote repeater site. RMS-300 Uses the LINUX operating system for versatility, stability, and security. RMS-300 Gives you the situational awareness you need to keep your equipment operational and reliable.


$795.00 CAD + Shipping $895.00

10/100 Ethernet

8 Isolated Voltmeters

4 Latching Relays

5 Alarm Inputs

2 USB2.0

2 RS-232

1-Wire Interface

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EtherTek Circuits started its business in 2001. Ever since we have provided remote monitoring and control solutions for Remote Tower Sites, the Oil & Gas industry, Telemetry systems for Agriculture, Municipalities, Mines, Solar Farms, Hydro Plants, and the Military.

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