RMS-200v2 has 3 power relays for remote control of AC/DC powered equipment.

RMS-200v2 relays

RMS-200v2 has three power relays for remote control of AC/DC powered equipment. Control of each relay can be done with a web browser. The picture below shows a portion of the RMS-200v2 relays web interface. In the picture below all relays are in the default "Normally Closed" position. By clicking on the relay 1 icon....

RMS-200v2 Web relays

The relay will be toggled to the "Normally Open" position as shown below.

RMS-200v2-Web relay energized

The relays can also be toggled with RMS-200v2 relay Scripts. Relay scripts are made up of simple commands that control the relays. Complex relay actions can be performed to control your AC/DC powered equipment.

Below is a screen shot of making a relay script to toggle relay 1 on, wait 2 seconds, then toggle relay 1 off again.

Relay script

Each relay can have a name and its actions defined. Below is a screenshot of a relay script that turns a pump on for 30 minutes and then turns it off again.

Relay names

Control of the RMS-200v2 relays can also be done by using the serial console or ssh. Below is an example of using the rmsrelay command to toggle relay 1 on and off.

Relays on the command line

Below is an example of reading the status of Relay 1 on the command line with the cat command. Note the relay1, relay2, and relay3 file will contain a "1" when the relay is in the "Normally Closed" position, and will contain a "0" when in the "Normally Open" position.

Read relay

An example of running a relay script on the command line using the rmsscript program. The example below runs relay Script 1.

Execute relay script on the command line

PHP programmers may want to write their own programs to control the relays. Below are two example PHP functions that use the PHP system command to turn relay 1 on and off.


  # EtherTek Circuits 2001 - 2022

  #* Relay 1 ON Function        *
  function relay1on()
  system("/bin/rmsrelay 1 on");
  #* Relay 1 OFF Function         *
  function relay1off()
  system("/bin/rmsrelay 1 off");

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