RMS-100 Introduction

RMS-100 The baby RMS; Is a unique remote voltage monitoring, data acquisition, and control device specifically designed for
use with battery powered wireless internet repeater sites, or other AC & DC powered remote equipment

RMS-100 Has ultra low power consumption and won't put a drain on your power source. Uses only 1.2 watts!

RMS-100 Is powered by DC voltage from 10 to 60 volts.

RMS-100 Uses embedded Ethernet technology for internet data acquisition and remote voltage monitoring.

RMS-100 Uses the LINUX operating system for versatility, stability, and security.

RMS-100 Gives you the situational awareness you need to keep your equipment operational and reliable.

Possible Applications

AC or Battery Powered Microwave / Telephony / Network Equipment

Use RMS-100 to monitor battery levels, room temperature, signal strength (RSSI) on radios and more. RMS-100 has 3 onboard isolated voltmeters giving it the ability to measure DC voltage from -100 to +100 volts with 24 bit accuracy. RMS-100 also has 2 power relays giving it the unique ability to turn on/off devices remotely using an Internet connection. Use the power relays to remote start a generator. RMS-100 has 5 dedicated input pins used for door alarms, solar panel theft prevention, or to monitor motion sensors. RMS-100 has an on-board temperature sensor and can alert you to dangerous temperature conditions. RMS-100 has two USB 2.0 ports that supports several USB devices concurrently using a USB hub. Control USB cameras, store data on USB flash drives, control USB speakers etc. RMS-100 has input and output pins used to control your own custom devices. RMS-100 can alert you via email or SMS messages when your battery bank is low. RMS-100 has ping monitor software that allows you to monitor network devices and alert you to failure and possibly power cycle the device. Monitor all this information remotely over an Internet connection using an ordinary web browser. RMS-100 gives you direct hardware control of fans, lights, computers, cameras, modems, radios, etc... No more guessing what your battery levels are.  No more wondering if your signal strengths are at an acceptable level. No more long drives to reset a fussy radio.  Let RMS-100 do this all remotely via the Internet. The ultimate in remote voltage monitoring for your solar and wind powered sites.

RMS-100 Features

A partial list of programs and packages included:

SQLlite v3 database, Telnet ,Drop Bear SSH, Light Http and Https Server, Pro FTP, Cron scheduling agent, Busy Box, PPP, Net SNMP, NanoCom, Easy Edit and Vi, Fping, SMTP email client, IPtables, Lrz and Lsz, Open SSL, Modbus Library, RRD Tool, USB Web Camera Support.

A programmers dream:

RMS-100 comes with Perl, PHP, Python, Lua, and TCL. Make your own custom monitoring programs and upload them to the RMS-100 board. You can create your own brand interface! 150 MBs of storage is available for your programs.

Put any circuit on the Internet with RMS-100!

Custom built firmware software is available upon request.  Other hardware and software modifications available by special order.  Please refer to the contacts at the bottom of this page.

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