Mechanical Specifications


Length: 3.09 inches (3.80 inches including flanges)
Width : 2.09 inches
Height: 1.59 inches
Material: Flame Retardant ABS (UL94V-0)


Product Weight:

2.00 ounces (PCB with Enclosure)

Electrical Specifications

Power Input: Up to 60 VDC
Power Output: Same as Input
Power Available: 1.70 Amps on each port (fuse trips at 1.80 Amps)
Power Indicator: Ultra Low power, Super Bright Green
Power Consumption: 284 Micro Amps at 60vdc, 104 Micro Amps at 24vdc, 44 Micro Amps at 12vdc
Power Wires: Ethernet pins 4 and 5 are positive, pins 7 and 8 are negative
Speed: 10/100 Mbit
Fuse: Each port has its own resettable fuse (1.80 Amps trip)
Barrel Jack Size: 2.1mm High Current
Barrel Jack Polarity: Positive center pin as shown below

positive polarity

Our Story

EtherTek Circuits started its business in 2001. Ever since we have provided remote monitoring and control solutions for Remote Tower Sites, the Oil & Gas industry, Telemetry systems for Agriculture, Municipalities, Mines, Solar Farms, Hydro Plants, and the Military.

Our Contacts

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