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This page is dedicated to custom monitoring projects and real world scenarios submitted from our clients that use our remote site monitoring boards .

Remote Monitoring and Control Projects

Generator Project
Garden Project
Solar Panel Theft Prevention Project
Remote start a Honda generator.
Honda Generator
Automate watering your garden.
Garden Project
Solar Panel Theft Prevention.
Solar Panel Thief
Anemometer Project Efoy Methanol Fuel Cell Project WiFi Project
Hook up an anemometer to RMS

Monitor your Efoy Methanol Fuel Cell

External temperature sensor
Connect to your RMSv2 via WiFi.

USB WiFi adapter
AC Voltage Project Fuel Tank Level Sensor Project External IP Camera Project
Monitor AC voltage and current
Current Transformer
Remotely Monitor a Fuel Tank Level Sensor
Gas Gauge
Add Live Video to your RMS Web Interface
Touch Display Project Another Project Soon Another Project Soon
Add a Nice Touch Display to Your RMSv2 Board
Touch Display
Another Project Soon

Another Project Soon

Client Projects

We want to hear from you!

Submit pictures and a short description of your real world use of RMS and we will give you a discount on your next order!

J & R Electronics, North Idaho China Creek Internet, B.C. Premium Choice Broadband, Maine
J and R Electronics
China Creek Internet
Premium Choice Broadband
OptimERA Inc Cyber Forest Project, Tokyo Your Site Here
OptimERA Inc
Cyber Forest Project, Tokyo Japan
Your Site Here

Other Projects

ATtiny85 with 16 bit ADC Coming Soon Coming Soon
ATtiny85 Project
Another Project
Another Project

Our Story

EtherTek Circuits started its business in 2001. Ever since we have provided remote monitoring and control solutions for Remote Tower Sites, the Oil & Gas industry, Telemetry systems for Agriculture, Municipalities, Mines, Solar Farms, Hydro Plants, and the Military.

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