Mechanical Specifications


Length (including flanges): 5.785 inches
Width : 4.725 inches
Height: 2.372 inches
Weiht: 7.000 ounces

Usb isolated voltmeter board with enclosure

Product Weight:

9.500 ounces (PCB with enclosure and connectors)
2.500 ounces (PCB only with connectors)

Pluggable Connectors:

Wire acceptance: 12 - 30 AWG
Type: Double-sided contact spring
with clamping screw and retention lock


Electrical Specifications


Standby Current Consumption: 8mA
Current Consumption During VM Read: 113mA
USB Voltage: 5V

Individual Voltmeter:

Voltage Swing: 200Vdc
Voltage Range: -100 Vdc to +100 Vdc
Current Consumption / VM (During Read): 105 mA
Accuracy: 24-bit resolution (Software formatted to 6 decimal places)
Time to Read: 200ms

Environmental Specifications

USB isolated voltmeter board temperature rating: -40°C to 85°C
Enclosure: Flame retardant ABS plastic (UL94V-0)
Connectors: Polyamide Nylon 6/6 (UL94V-0)

Screen Shots

USB isolated voltmeter board

Board overview

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