3D Printed PCB standoffs
for all RMSv2 boards.

Enhance your RMSv2 assembly with our 3D printed PCB standoffs. These durable standoffs provide secure and reliable support for your circuit boards, ensuring optimal spacing, stability, and airflow. Peel and stick assembly make our standoffs a breeze to install. Each standoff comes with a mounting screw and easy peel adhesive backing. The double sided sticky tape (3M™ VHB™ 3941) has excellent adhesion, high tensile strength, high shear and peel adhesion. Works best on smooth metal or plastic. If mounting vertically to a wood surface, wind a wood screw through the base of the standoff into the wood surface. For added strength when mounting to a vertical metal surface, wind a self tapping screw through the base of the standoff into the metal surface.


$5.00 CAD each + Shipping

(RMS-100v2 requires 4 : RMS-200v2 and RMS-300v2 requires 5)
Size: W: 1 inch L: 1 inch H: 3/4 inch
Free shipping when included with RMSv2 boards. Color may not be the same as shown.

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