Decription: Premium Choice Broadband offers Broadband Wireless Internet in the State of Maine. This is Big Spencer Mountain, a Rural Solar Site.

RMS-200 monitors and reports on the following elements:

  • Inside and outside temperature via serial port temp device
  • 12 VDC distribution voltage on 7 banks of batteries
  • 24 VDC distribution voltage on 1 bank of batteries
  • Solar charge current on eight separate banks of panels
  • Wind charge current on 2 wind generators
  • Door contacts for door alarms
  • USB cameras for security and viewing equipment
  • Add on Volt and Relay boards via USB
  • View Trace C-40 charge controller LCD through USB web camera

RMS-200 Controls the following elements:

  • Several Relays turn on/off multiple devices
  • Ping control monitor to reboot equipment
  • Scheduler to turn on and off Cameras at night to save power

RMS-200 sends out email notifications based upon user set conditions on the above elements!

The Site

Big Spencer Mountain in the summer, Maine.

Big Spencer Mountain, winter time.

Big Spencer Mountain in the winter, Maine.

RMS-200 monitoring one set of solar panels and one set of batteries. Uses all 3 relays, a usb camera and one door alarm.

RMS-200 on Hammond Mountain.

RMS-200 in action.

RMS-200 on Hammond Mountain.

RMS-200 a closer look.

RMS-200 on Hammond Mountain.

Our Story

EtherTek Circuits started its business in 2001. Ever since we have provided remote monitoring and control solutions for Remote Tower Sites, the Oil & Gas industry, Telemetry systems for Agriculture, Municipalities, Mines, Solar Farms, Hydro Plants, and the Military.

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