RMS in Action at:

China Creek Internet, B.C. Canada


Description: China Creek offers broadband wireless internet to their customers throughout several towns in B.C. Canada. This site is called Apex Mountain. It is a mountain-top solar site that sends and receives high speed internet signal.

RMS-200 monitors and reports on the following elements:

  • Battery room temperature
  • 12 VDC distribution voltage
  • 24 VDC distribution voltage
  • Solar charge current
  • Wind charge current
  • Battery charger charge current
  • Solar panel tampering or removal
  • Entrance door contacts
  • View Trace C-40 charge controller LCD through USB web camera

RMS-200 Controls the following elements:

  • On/Off for the honda generator(Used in conjunction with the battery state information)
  • Disabling of the wind generator if the charging surpasses its load dump capacity

RMS-200 sends out email notifications based upon user set conditions on the above elements!

The Site

Apex under construction

Apex Mountain site, under construction.

Apex in the Winter

Apex site in the winter.

Apex tower covered in rime ice

Apex site covered in ice.

Apex tower almost cleaned off

Apex site almost cleaned off.

Web camera output. Viewing the LCD on the charge controller

Trace C-40 LCD as seen by RMS-200 board.

Super RMS unit monitoring the site

Super RMS unit.

You can easily imagine the late nights and man hours RMS units can save you with the valuable intel they provide.

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