Add an external temperature sensor to your RMS board

All of our remote site monitoring boards come equipped with an onboard LM75 temperature sensor that provides ambient temperature readings in the vicinity of the RMS board. But what if you need to monitor the temperature outside your equipment building, or in other areas?

The aim of this project is to show you how to use the USB port on the RMS (remote monitoring system) to monitor an external temperature sensor and view the output on a web page.

The first thing you will need is one of our custom TEMPerF4 external temperature sensors shown below. The TEMPerF4™ is an advanced external temperature sensor that has a 25 foot (8.3 meters) cable with a -40C to +120C weatherproof temperature sensor at the end.

External Temperature Sensor.

Below is a screenshot of an RMS remote monitoring board displaying output of the external temperature sensor. The temperature graph is updated every 60 seconds and shows 1 hour worth of data. Clicking on the graph brings up 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year graphs.

External Temperature Sensor Web Interface.

To install the TEMPerF4 external temperature sensor simply plug the sensor into the USB port on your RMS unit and run the cable to the desired location. In the RMS web interface, navigate to the setup menu, and then click on the device manager. Click on the ADD Temp Sensor icon. Give your temperature sensor a name and click on OK. A new link appears in the left navigation bar. Clicking on the new link takes you to the External Temperature Sensor page shown above.

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This concludes the temperature sensor project. We can now remotely monitor the temperature inside and outside our equipment building from the comfort of home or at the office with the RMS remote site monitoring board.

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